Positive Behaviour Intervention Team

Priding ourselves on developing and equipping our team members with the skills they need to thrive in their roles, we provide ongoing training programmes to ensure our colleagues can develop their careers and continue to provide the highest standard of support.

Our Positive Behaviour Intervention (PBI) Team comprises of care professionals with decades of relevant experience in supporting people who have behaviours that may present challenges including PWS.

The PBI Team is managed by a Lead Behaviour Practitioner and includes behaviour practitioners who support services throughout the UK.

The methodology used is ‘Applied Behaviour Analysis’ (ABA) providing Functional Assessment and intervention strategies to reduce challenging behaviours and evidence based reports. The team also provides staff with advice, support, mentoring and training in Positive Behaviour Support.

In addition to this, the team supports initial assessments of complex PWS referrals to Gretton Homes and its services and transitions to new developments. The team has established links with multi-disciplinary teams; Health and Social Care Professionals, Commissioners and Community Networks, all of which are very important.

The PBI Team works with individuals who require additional support for periods of time providing support staff at our services with a dedicated support network.

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